Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mathi guy, no bye.

Hi 'Kiddos' and a non-Kiddo wise old man! :)

It kinda 'killed me' (Catcher in the Rye types) when Mathi said that day when he treated us at Sigree - that he was thankful we put up with him (some words to that effect) and that we made made him feel young (Correct me Mathsie, if I got the wrong impression..) - younger than he is. But Mathi dear you know the truth just as we too know - you've held us together. When Prems first started blogging and then I also jumped in, when we were in college and you came into the picture in the form of some blog comments (..ahem ahem :P) - and then blog commentor slowly turned into a chat friend and then phone calls happened and then we all met.. You met with that accident and Revs tended to you at Sancheti's.. and then slowly we became a group along with Sudhsie, I gained two sweet brothers. Many more blog posts, Pune Hjw lunches and exchanges-of-ideas (they did happen, right?) later it seems but natural that we feel sad to see you go. But yes we wouldn't stop you (need to maintain the emotional quotient) and instead, we demand of you, in fact I demand of each one of us - let us meet at least once a year, all the years of our lives. Of course Sudhsie and Ankita get no concession - let us all have a gala time - all our lives, in each others' company. We are one blogger family and we shall remain such, unless of course we do not wish to. Mathi, plz be the glue!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

On a beautiful summer evening with mouth watering kabab’s being roasted and served at our table in the beautiful open air ambience at ‘Sigree’… Where we the ‘Krazzy 4’ decided to start blogging together…well… call this our joint venture in blogging or something like that (?!?) apart from our out of the world never ending crazy discussions…or just another facet of our friendship...or maybe my dear “sKIDZophrenic” friend Kathak and Two “Non-sKIDZophrenic” friends Danny and Smitha’s last attempt to make me start blogging…:P

Needless to say that they have finally succeeded in giving me the enlightenment of the power of blogging (Errr….really??)

So here’s presenting the great bloggers of all times under one roof..

Kathak, Danny and Smitha and obviously Me